Cape Cod Heating Oil Delivery Options

At The Fuel Company, our goal is to keep you safe and warm in your home throughout the heating season. We accomplish this by keeping your home heating oil tank filled and your home heating system functioning at peak efficiency. We offer several flexible Cape Cod oil delivery options. There is sure to be one that meets your needs.

Automatic Delivery

Just as it says, when your Cape Cod oil tank needs refilling, we’ll be there!  With automatic delivery there’s no need to call to arrange a home heating oil delivery.  Once we set you up as a customer and track your first few months’ usage, our state-of-the-art degree day scheduling system keeps up with your needs to help ensure that you never run out of home heating oil.

Will Call Delivery

Some customers are more comfortable determining their own Cape Cod heating oil needs.  Just give us a call 1-2 days in advance of when you need a home heating oil delivery and we’ll put your home on our delivery schedule.

Our fleet of home heating oil trucks are a familiar sight in neighborhoods across the Cape, and have been a reliable source of Cape Cod fuel oil for generations, no matter what the weather.

What can The Fuel Company do to make you more comfortable today?

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