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Home heating oil is one of the most efficient, safest home fuel sources available. Advances in fuel composition and heating equipment technology have resulted in today’s home heating oil being even cleaner and a better value. Compared to other home heating fuels, heating oil remains an excellent value, year after year.

The Fuel Company delivers a high quality grade of heating oil to help ensure you receive the most value for your heating dollar.

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Delivery Options
Payment Options
Commercial Oil Sales

Delivery Options

Automatic Delivery - Just as it says, when your oil tank needs refilling, we’ll be there! There’s no need to call to arrange a delivery. Once we set you up as a new customer and track your first few months’ usage, our scheduling system keeps up with your needs to help ensure that you never run out of oil.

Will Call Delivery - Some customers are more comfortable determining their own heating oil needs. Just give us a call 1-2 days in advance of when you need a delivery and we’ll put your home on our delivery schedule.

Budget Plans

Because your heating needs vary widely during the year, we offer a monthly budget payment plan that lets you allocate payments out over a full twelve-month period. Most Cape Cod heating oil suppliers offer only a ten-month plan. Our extended budget plan helps make your monthly costs more affordable.

We accept payments by cash, check and most major credit cards, making it as convenient as possible for you.

Fuel Assistance

The Fuel Company works with customers who are eligible for fuel assistance programs. We can even help coordinate your application to the various fuel assistance plans available.


One of the most recent and exciting breakthroughs in the oilheating industry has been the development of Bioheat. Bioheat, the combination of heating oil and biodegradable, organic materials is good for the environment and your heating system. It burns cleanly, has a high energy content, and costs about the same as regular heating oil. No modification to your burner or tank is required. Feel free to call and ask us about making the change to bioheat for your home.

Commercial Oil Sales

The Fuel Company supplies heating oil to many commercial businesses. We understand the importance of keeping your business running, so we are available for rapid turn-around on fuel delivery, as well as equipment repair and replacement. 

What can The Fuel Company do to make you more comfortable today?

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In-house Equipment Financing

12 months interest free or up to 36 months at 4% with credit approval

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