When the Lights Go Out Be Prepared with an Emergency Backup Generator.

Before the next big storm hits and you are stranded without electricity, prepare your home with a backup generator from Honeywell and The Fuel Company.

No one likes to be left in the dark. But the high winds and harsh weather are a fact of life on Cape Cod. And that means power outages. Most of us just light our candles, get out a deck of cards, and wait for the utility company to fix the problem. That wait, however, seems to get longer ever time the lights go out. After Hurricane Irene, tens of thousands of Cape Cod homeowners went as long as a week without power.

The Honeywell emergency backup generators installed by The Fuel Company are light years ahead of the noisy portable generators that clutter up driveways after a storm. Our systems are installed right on your property and lay dormant until the moment your power goes out. When an electrical outage is detected, the generator automatically comes to life and supplies your home with a reliable power source. And unlike portable generators, which make a racket while they pump out power, a Honeywell backup generator runs at a lower RPM and must pass a strict “quiet test” before it is ready for installation.

The advanced technology of our Honeywell generators includes MobileLink™, which allows you to monitor your home generator via the web, smart phone, e-mail, or text message. With Mobile Link, you’ll always know exactly what your backup generator is doing – or not doing.

P.J. & Rick from Sandwich on their Emergency Backup Generator
P.J. and Rick are not worried about hurricane or winter storms, thanks to the reliable Honeywell/Generac emergency backup generator The Fuel Company installed in their Sandwich home.


A Range of Backup Generators for Cape Cod Homes

The Fuel Company installs a wide range of Honeywell emergency backup generators on Cape Cod. There is sure to be one to fit your home’s anticipated electrical load needs and your preparedness budget. Click on a link below to get full specifications and details on our line of Honeywell backup generators.

11 15 20 kW




For full details on our Honeywell line of durable, reliable backup generators call The Fuel Company at (800) 649-3412.